Epilogue for the summer of 2022

Libbie and I paddling back to Selkie for the evening

We’ve had quite the summer.

We wrapped up our trip to Harbor Springs and headed north in some rather rough weather to Cecil Bay, where our family cabin is.

We anchored in front for the night. It was one of our best nights at anchor. The sunset was spectacular.

Selkie at anchor in Cecil Bay

We then spent two memorable days in Mackinac Island’s harbor.

We rode bikes 13 miles all over the island. Most tourists who visit are familiar with the eight mile circumference bike ride by the island shores.

Libbie with Lake Huron in the distsnce

There is a spectacular set of trails in the woods of her interior. We thoroughly enjoyed those trails.

There is some interesting geology with the island’s formation.

Libbie by Sugar Loaf, a limestone formation at the top of the island when the island was mostly submerged thousands of years ago.

We also had two great meals, the best being at the Rebel Yankee Tavern up a side street in downtown.

The sunset views were great, and listening to the horses clopping up and down the street after dark was mezmerizing.

Yesterday, we took Selkie back to Mackinaw City for the day to get her cleaned and ready for storage.

Today was a day of mixed emotions, a day I’ve been dreading a little.

We put Selkie in storage.

Selkie during haulout in Cheboygan

She looked good coming out of the water. She will be given some TLC by the yard over the fall and winter months and will be put back in the water next season better than ever.

We started in Maryland and finished an epic journey of more than 1,700 miles in Mackinaw City.

We did 23 locks on the Erie Canal, 7 locks on the Oswego and 44 locks on the Trent Severn Waterway, a total of 74 locks.

We saw foliage shift from the deciduous mud-latitude trees like sycamore and cottonwood with their snowy seeds drifting down to more birch, maple, oak and pine in the Canadian and Northern Michigan.

We also saw the colors start to appear in the clear crisp mornings sipping coffee in Northern Michigan.

We saw weather both good and bad, including getting caught crossing a lake in 55 mile per hour winds and a tornado warning at an anchorage.

Those experiences were scary and thrilling at the same time.

They also made us feel very grateful to have Selkie.

But those moments were few.

The sunrises and sunsets, the starlit nights including at least three with the Northern Lights, the satellites crossing the heavens, the warm days and cool clear waters to swim and to fish when we weren’t moving made the journey an amazing experience, with almost too much to remember.

It’s been a summer to remember. I’m sorry it is over…for this summer at least.

Our last view of Selkie before we left her

I’m glad I have this blog in future years to enjoy the memories we’ve generated together on Selkie. We are very much looking forward to next year to continue our journey on Selkie.

Until then, we hope you all have fair winds and following seas. Enjoy your fall.

By Tad Sheldon

I'm a retired Silicon Valley Technologist and Director. I teach skiing as a 4th (5th? 6th?) career for fun, and am passionate about Boating. I'm even more passionate about my family and friends. I volunteer occasionally for non-profit Boards, and currently serve as the Secretary of the Board for Western Division of the Professional Ski Instructors of America / American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

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