The Transition Begins…

Libbie and I finished our ski instruction for the year. It was a difficult year by many standards but also one of our best seasons yet. It was difficult because of the weather with no significant snowfall from Christmas until the end of the season, but one of the best because we continue to grow in our “careers” as instructors, trainers and in Libbie’s case, an examiner.

Some of the Northstar Crew ready for First Tracks

To conclude our season, Libbie and I went to Mammoth Mountain for the PSIA-AASI Western Convention. This was the first time ski and snowboard instructors could get together since COVID. As one would expect, it was quite the party.

Mammoth is a beautiful place to slide down slippery slopes

We saw old friends. We made new friends. Libbie led several clinics and gave an exam. I’m on the Western Board, and this was only the second time COVID happened where the Board met face to face. I’m pretty pleased with the progress the Board is making in leading the organization into the future.

We were very productive. And we came home, tired but happy that the season ended so well, and that all our friends and we had a chance to say good bye for the summer. Like a lot of things, instructor life hasn’t been easy with COVID.

Now, we have to pack, and get the house ready. We don’t know when we will return home. Pulling summer clothes out of storage is something we do this time of year, but we have a different focus now. We may not be back home before Labor Day, so we have to pack accordingly.

For me, I’ve transported most of my stuff back to Selkie, including tools and supplies. It wasn’t easy. Did I mention how during the last trip I was not only escorted out of TSA for the first time, but lost my laptop? We aren’t going to repeat that again!

Selkie has been hauled and the work has begun to get her ready. A few important things called out on the Survey are being addressed. And when the work is done, she will be in even better shape.

In the cradle of the lift at Spring Cove Marina
Before the prop is pulled
Starting to pull the shaft

We leave next week, but have an intermediate stop in Texas seeing our youngest grandson while his parents take a break at a friend’s wedding. We are looking forward to seeing that little guy again!

Then, on May 12, Lib and I fly to DCA and head to Selkie to start our journey to the Great Lakes, and eventually Mackinaw.

Libbie has not seen Selkie yet. I can’t wait for her to meet Selkie. Our adventure begins soon!

By Tad Sheldon

I'm a retired Silicon Valley Technologist and Director. I teach skiing as a 4th (5th? 6th?) career for fun, and am passionate about Boating. I'm even more passionate about my family and friends. I volunteer occasionally for non-profit Boards, and currently serve as the Secretary of the Board for Western Division of the Professional Ski Instructors of America / American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

6 replies on “The Transition Begins…”

I look forward with great anticipation to your next selkie blog entry. I will be living vicariously through your adventures this summer as a full time looper. Something I will probably not get to accomplish in this life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy your experience from afar. Things are popping out east here, cherry blossoms, tulips, people cutting grass for the second or third time already. Green color on the trees from buds everywhere on the rolling hills. Still bit chilly on the water though. Overnight temps into the 30’s still this week. Forecast is a warming trend next week. Just in time for your arrival.


Safe Travels Tad and Lib! “Throw off those bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails! Explore, Dream, Discover!” – Mark Twain


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